At Risk Reduction Services – Australia we believe that “leadership” is a ‘verb’. Leadership is a ‘doing word’ yet in most Australian organisations it is not done well.

Good leadership is a process that involves the mission (purpose), the leader and the led. Effective communication and understanding between the leader and the led will improve performance and productivity.

Risk Reduction Services-Australia will design a leadership program specifically for you and the needs of your business. Research shows that people don’t leave companies, they leave bad bosses. Our leadership programs are modularised and practically orientated. They are specifically tailored to meet your needs for personal development, team performance, driving organisational culture, market leadership, stress resilience preparation, team building, staff appraisal and mentoring.

Honest appraisal and mentoring is essential to develop good leadership skills. A good leader has the ability to accept constructive criticism and use it as an opportunity for improvement.  Leaders must also be capable of fearlessly appraising their subordinates in a constructive way. The best results will come from setting clear goals for self-improvement and working towards them. Risk Reduction Services - Australia can provide a mentor, someone outside your organisation. Our mentor will allow for sincere and constructive feedback and aid your leaders through the process of improvement.

We can construct our leadership modules to address your own specific needs. Risk Reduction Services-Australia can assist with leadership development at all levels of an organisation from Frontline Management through to the Boardroom.

If you need practical LEADERSHIP solutions please contact us.

"Leadership is a ‘doing word’ yet in most Australian organisations it is not done well. "